Qatar Foundation is home to nine international universities. Every year, there is the student orientation, with each university doing its orientation in its own style welcoming the new classes to its campus. This was filmed in the course of 5 working days, edited and color corrected by me.
This video was made in celebration of International Education Day. in this project. I worked along with a videographer, an editor, and a copy writer to create the animations and the doodles presented on the video.
This was a video made as a highlight of a trip meeting with all the deans of the American universities whose campuses are under the partnership with Qatar Foundation. The edit and the on-screen text animation was created by me, and I would then send this over to our videographer whose accompanying the delegates on the trip to insert the shots that were taken. This way it is easier to overcome the time difference while attaining to the posting schedule provided by our social media department.
The World Innovation Summit for Health is a global initiative whose aim is to ‘promote and facilitate innovation in healthcare delivery around the world. In this video we're doing a highlights of symposium that took place in the Vatican. To make it easier for the videographer traveling, we create a skeleton of the video with the animation, and the shots required to work efficiently and meet our deadlines.
This is a promotional video that was posted on all of Qatar Foundation's social media channels. It is part of a series called Education City Speaker Series where inspiring speakers from all around the world come to give an insightful talk.
This is one of a series of Instagram stories created to raise awareness about the current global risks in anticipation for the Doha Youth Forum.
Over the course of the year, Qatar Foundation receives visitors from all over the world to strengthen the international relationships with the country. They are shown a presentation to introduce the difference aspects of the foundation and its efforts to better the country.
We were asked to upgrade the presentation into something more visually appealing that doesn't take longer than 3 minutes, summing up, briefly, what the foundation does.
This project was done to highlight the work of a kickstarter company that aims to make 3d-glasses in any size or shape desired by the client. Filming, interviews, animation, editing and color correction was done by me.
This is a video I've created to experiment with what I've learnt from taking animation courses. As simple as it may look, it took quite a while to get the hang of it. *Pats self back*
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